RGB House

Original Plan

Original Plan

Interior refurbishment of an exsisthing building – Budapest, Hungary
Made for the examination of Accessible Architecture
[02/2015 – 06/2015]

TUTOR: András Pandula
TEAM: Sebastiano Cutrupi

The purpose of the project is to redesign the apartment according to the rules of Universal Design. The main changes are represented by the choose to put all the spaces along a unique master line, and a clear separation between the different functions of the house, also using contrasting kind of colors for flooring and furniture, not secondary is that all the doors used are of sliding type. The green part of the house absolve the public functions, including entrance, a wheelchair dept, a guests toilet and a workroom, a sliding door split this area from the rest. The red part includes living area and kitchen. In the blue part there are bathroom and master bedroom.



For the kitchen is used a mixed solution, with storage and appliances in a single line, in front of this a suspended plan with cooker and sink, and a foldaway worktop between them. The electric cooker will have frontal commands for an easier use. The line of furniture is Scavolini Urban with Utility System solutions like raised bases (26 cm), drawers instead of cabinets, horizontal opening of oven and an adjustable shelf.


The main bathroom is shared in three different spaces, a filter area with two washbasins installed on a suspended plan and over mirror which occupies the entire wall, a main space with wc, grab bars and a closet that includes also the washing machine, and next to this the shower, with a sliding glass door, a built-in bench and commands and shower kit in an optimal position. Blue tiles, mosaic style, are used to cover the floor and the bottom part of the walls of this spaces.

Project Plan