Jászberény Civic Center

Conceptual View

Conceptual View


Masterplan and urban renovation of a piece of the city center – Jászberény, Hungary
Made for the examination of Complex Design
[02/2015 – 06/2015]

TUTOR: Anthony Gall
TEAM: Sebastiano Cutrupi, Aleksandra Motyl, Dorota Paluch

The aim of this urban redevelopment project is to give to Jászberény new public spaces between vetuste ancient buildings and high residential flats.

The choice of the group was to destinate the area to public functions, understanding its high potential, building two different L-shaped buildings in place of the ancient houses and car boxes present actually on the site, that’s a municipal property, and one of the rarely empty one of the city center.

So in one building we placed a modern and hybrid civic center, in the other one some offices. In particular we used a special disposition to connect the main square, Lehel Vezér Tér, with the river, prolonging its perpendicular street, Déryné utca, under the new multistorey building. This solution permits at the same time to have a covered space, under which is possible to drink a coffee or appreciate an outdoor exhibition, and a pedestrian courtyard enclosed by the two buildings.

The shape of the Civic Center was born starting the traditional shape of Jászberény buildings, for first the adjacent prefecture, and then cutting out the corner part of the ground floor, having for result an architecture well integrated with the surrounding. Inside of it take place different functions like an underground parking, an art gallery, a coffee shop, a book shop, a small conference all, a coworking area and an art lab.

Internal View - Bookshop

Internal View – Bookshop