Six Indipendent Brains

View from site

View from site over the Strait of Messina

Landscape multidisciplinary project for a piece of Ecolandia Park – Reggio Calabria, Italy
Made for L’Orto Incolto Workshop
[11/2014 – 02/2015]

TUTOR: Maria Rosa Russo
TEAM: Paolo Albanese, Valentina Balistreri, Sebastiano Cutrupi, Paolo Genoese, Elisabetta Marcianò, Teresa Ribuffo, Giusi Vazzana



Put toghether one singer, one writer, one painter, one web designer, one video maker, one architect and one student, the result will be a great contamination and a project that explores various fields.

The project has focused on three different zones and functions that includes:

  1. Mud Garden where is possible to work, store and show handmade earthenware objects, with an oven and a thatch house.
  2. Bank of Seeds on an escarp, with a lot of differents plant essences shared by color, recreating a rainbow alwais available for the park users.
  3. Cultivation of textile hemp with which we want to re establish a former use for mediterranean rural economy.

Inside the gallery below is possible to see the main slides of the final work, presented the 4th of February 2015 in Reggio Calabria, in front at a jury headed by the famous Portuguese landscaper João Nunes.

Distinctive mention in the competition “L’Orto Incolto”
Ecolandia Park Workshop, February 2015