Budapest. Traits and sights

Keleti Station, one of my first pic in the city

Keleti Station, Budapest

Digital booklet of a personal experience and research – Budapest, Hungary/Reggio Calabria, Italy
Made for the examination of Cities and Landscape
[07/2015 – 09/2015]

TUTOR: Enzo Bentivoglio
TEAM: Sebastiano Cutrupi


This book collect the results of five intense and profitable months of living in the heart of the Hungarian capital. I really think that it was for me a great and positive experience and it was a pleasure to try to discover as much as possible there’s behind every street, square, monument or building of a city that has definitely become part of me.


Budapest is the most beautiful city of the Danube; a sage of self mis-en-scene, like Vienna, but with a sturdy disowned substance and a vitalities to avails again Austrian. Budapest gives the physical feeling of the understood one them, with one elegance and a imponency from city protagonist of the history

Claudius Magris – Danube, 1986


Click to download a free copy [PDF]

The book is shared in different chapters:

  1. Intro
  2. Through the History
  3. By Parts
  4. Identitary Sights
  5. Fovam. The relationship between antique and contemporary architectures
  6. Liget. Five projects for the future

I consider the last two the most interesting ones because they explore two concrete case of urban transformation, one already realized and one to be realized soon, showing some best practices about how is possible to transform well and smartly the contemporary city.

Download here Budapest. Traits and sights, actually available just in Italian version