Landscape Into Mutation

Final critic presentation- Piacenza, Italy
Made during the Open City summer school [09/2016]

TUTORS: Francesca Schepis, Giuseppe Pedrini, Daniele Rocchio, Ahmed Amin Elgharib, Martha Magrini Sissa, Mario Morrica, Francesca Canali
TEAM: Acharya Puja, Agour Sara, Carini Sofia, Castignola Emanuele, Cutrupi Sebastiano, El Amnie Racha, Fogassi Ester, Gao Yin, Hasangic Emir, Hayashi Shinichiro, Heybeli Faruk Baran, Huang Xiaoxuan, Jiao Ruihong, Kadioglu Gizem, Kunshi Liu, Li Jie, Macchi Valentina, Metwaly Abdelrahman, Parmaksiz Elif, Petrizzo Rosalia, Samele Fabio, Song Pei, Stenek Angelo, Sun Lei, Tancini Maria Rosaria, Tojo Yutaro, Valentino Vincenzo, Zaratè Wilson, Zhang Enming, Zhang Jing

Since its Medieval age, Piacenza is a city enclosed in itself because of the defence walls. The Po river, that run so close to it, is a completely detached reality despite to the proximity relationship.

Our challenge was to solve this problem and our proposal for the connection of the city with the river shows three approaches to fill the different kind of voids: the agricoltural landscape, the mobility infrastructure space and the industrial zone, generating new spaces and functions that allow an armonious developement of the whole city.