Tirone Tower

Site View

Site View


Residential tower and commercial services  – Messina, Italy
Made for the examination of Architectural Planning
[11/2013 – 07/2014]

TUTOR: Marco Mannino
TEAM: Marina Arillotta, Sebastiano Cutrupi, Francesca Muscherà

A tower as a urban marker, something absolutely unusual in a high earthquake risk city as Messina, more for a psychological matter then for a real need.

So we have this sort of junkspace, a border land between the city center and a periferical high -density built area, a kind of favelas with huge social problems, a territory of no-one caracterized by crumbling constructions and an indefinite identity.

The aim of the project is to redevelop this zone preserving the historical presences as a relevant part of the ancient city border wall and the Santa Barbara stairway, create a public attractor function trough a shopping center, placed down of a modern square with a privileged view over the city and the Strait, and, for last, a residential tower as a new strong architectural symbol of the city.

The thirteen floors tower has characterized from a central block of distribution, that split the living area from the bedrooms one. Caracterized by a contrast of a massive part and a lighter one in which huge glass walls, protected by a brise-soleil system, permit to fully enjoy the amazing view.

Project View

View from the square