House over the Strait

Site View

Site View

Single-family residence – Villa San Giovanni (RC), Italy
Made for the examination of Architectural Composition
[11/2011 – 07/2012]

TUTOR: Gianfranco Neri, Francesca Schepis, Clara Sorrentino
TEAM: Sebastiano Cutrupi

One place, one open theme panel and three requests: spaces for work and hobbies; a tree behind the house and a fountain. In this case I choose to design this dwell for a book editor, so a great part of this is devoted to books.

The house is projected to the fronting view of the Strait of Messina with its curtain walls and huge windows. The shape is characterized by the continuity of a strip that, growing upwards, hosts spaces for residence, supported by thick stone walls, which born literally from the ground, as roots. The huge openings create relations between the inside and the outside, the verticality is marked by the limited extention of the environments, which give to the living spaces recollection characters and a kind of sacredness.

The access on the main level happen through a flight of stairs from a ground terrace splitted by the building. The kitchen, divided by a wall, is at your right side, through a corridor between two stairs, you’ll reach the living room. On the lower floor there are the bedrooms. Upstairs is placed the open reading room, with windows on the roof and towards to the Strait. The tree which complete the residence will be a mulberry (Morus alba), the fountain a traditional wash house with three chimes, characteristic of these places.